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District 22 is comprised of members who joined a squadron in it’s district. Members in the individuals squadrons then volunteer (certain positions must be nominated and/or elected) for an additional role at Bridge, Executive Council or support positions at the District 22 level. So, all District 22 members belong to a squadron. All District 22 squadrons are located on our homepage. Click on a squadron to join. Squadron members should contact their Commander for information on how to volunteer for a position at the district level.

District 22 doesn’t have a headquarters building. The district uses a contracted or volunteered location for its district conferences and meetings.

Notify your squadron commander that your interested in applying for a position. The commander will help you get in touch with the appropriate person at the district level.

Contact a squadron on our website’s homepage for local guidance or visit the national America’s Boating Club website for more information.

E-mail a member of the District 22 Bridge and they will coordinate your request. Bridge member e-mail addresses are identified on the Bridge webpage.

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