District 22 – America's Boating Club

District 22 Squadrons of Southwest Florida

National Chaplain William Wood

National Chaplain William Wood

Prayers after Hurricane Ian and other Disasters

O Gracious Creator, the author of time and distance, whose Spirit hovers over the tranquil and the chaos of creation, comfort those who have experienced the loss of life, infrastructure and possessions.  May our sense of injury not overwhelm us; yet allow us to grieve the passing of people and order from our changed lives.  In the madness of wind and wave may we hear the still small voice of hope and trust in your embracing presence.  With a deep sense of gratitude for what we had known, may our grief be a measure of our thankfulness for what was abundantly given us.  May we continue to teach without a false sense of security; serve the public without self-service and strengthen our social ties without fear.  May we recognize our limits and trust your presence in all that we do.  All this we ask in your most gracious Name.  Amen.


May we have fair winds and fulfilling journeys.  Be safe in all of life both on land and on water.  May we remember Garrison Keillor’s sign-off to his listeners, that we wish for each other:  Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

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