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Educational Opportunities

Educational Opportunities

The individual squadrons of District 22 offer public safe boating courses, seminars on a wide variety of boating topics, and advanced boating education. The latter are offered to America’s Boating Club members but also often available to non-members at additional cost.

Below, you will find links to the wide range of America’s Boating Club courses. If you are interested in furthering your knowledge of boating, please take a look at the courses listed here. Not every squadron offers every course, but the links below should help you find the course you’re looking for.

We hope that as you take our classes, you’ll become aware of the advantages of membership in America’s Boating Club and that you’ll join one of the squadrons in District 22 (or, if you’re a snowbird,  that you’ll join as an associate member). If you would like to read more about becoming a member, the benefits, etc, please click HERE.

America’s Boating Course

Florida Safe Boating ID CardIf you’d like to have a Florida Safe Boater’s card, America’s Boating Club has the course for you!  By the way, the Boater’s card is required for anyone in Florida born after January 1, 1988 operating a power boat (10 HP or more). The squadrons in Southwest Florida’s District 22 offer this course frequently throughout the year.  The basic course takes 8 hours, includes a proctored final exam, and meets the Florida requirements. Approved by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA), it includes four main chapters covering:

  • Boat Education: General information about boats and personal watercraft, and their maintenance.
  • Boat Safety: How to make your boating safer and more comfortable.
  • Boating Law and Regulation: Laws and regulations that you must follow.

Some squadrons offer a 12-hour version of America’s Boating Course that includes an additional chapter on basic navigation. Squadrons may also differ on how many times the class meets. Some do the whole 8-hour course in one day; others, in two 4-hour sessions; and still others have shorter classes spread over more meetings. Some squadrons offer the course on Saturday mornings and others on weeknights.

To find a course at a squadron near you that fits your schedule and learning style, click HERE and select America’s Boating Course and type in your location and the distance you’re willing to travel. Members who are logged in may access the full list of America’s Boating Courses offered by squadrons in District 22 by clicking HERE.

Advanced Courses

Take your boating education to another level by enrolling in our advanced grade courses. These courses typically run for 6 or more weeks. Click on each course title for a fuller description.  To find a course near you click HERE, select Advanced Courses, and type in your location and the distance you’re willing to travel. Members who are logged in may access the full list of advanced courses offered by squadrons in District 22 by clicking HERE.

Boat Handling follows up on America’s Boating Course to build your competence and confidence on the water with an in-depth look at the practical boating skills. The course includes six 2-hour seminars.

America’s Boating Club offers a Navigation sequence consisting of four courses that will teach you how to find your way on the water, whether your destination is a nearby restaurant, or a port across an ocean.  Each course builds on the one before it.  The first,  Marine Navigation, is followed by Advanced Marine Navigation.  Together, they give you the skills you need to get where you’re going using charts and marine electronics as well as a knowledge of winds, currents and tides.

If you’re ready to head for the high seas, the next two courses in the sequence, Offshore Navigation and Celestial Navigation, will teach you about planning and monitoring your voyage using modern marine electronics and how celestial observations can help you estimate your vessel’s position with confidence. These are a must for oceangoing captains.

In addition to the advanced grade navigation courses, America’s Boating Club offers many in-depth advanced courses on other boating topics. These courses may be taken in any order and typically include six to eight 2-hour meetings.  They include:  Cruising and Cruise Planning,  Engine Maintenance, Marine Electrical Systems, Marine Communication Systems, Electronic Navigation, Radar for Boaters, Sail, and Weather.


Can’t find time for a course that runs six weeks or more? How about a 2-hour seminar? America’s Boating Club has developed over 2 dozen seminars on topics connected to boat handling and techniques, navigation, electronics, safety, cruising, weather, tides and currents. To find out more about these seminars, click HERE and then click on the seminar of interest to you. To find a seminar near you, click HERE, select Seminars, and type in your location and the distance you’re willing to travel. Members who are logged in may access the full list of seminars offered by squadrons in District 22 by clicking HERE.

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